Terms & Conditions



  • We are Ethical Hackers. Hackers in Delhi is group of Ethical Hackers, also called White Hats or White Hackers.This means that our job is to analyze the system in order to attain and help improve the safety of our clients from cyber criminals who can carry out activities that directly or indirectly could damage users and companies who entrust their information on internet. Although, we do offer hacking services for websites, Facebook accounts and email addresses. However, only under authorization of the same owner and with purpose of vulnerability check and vulnerability scanning  (penetration testing), or to recover an account that has been previously stolen or lost.



  • We know, acknowledge and COMPLY with the law Hacker in delhi is an Indian website origin and based in India. As such, it is subject to Indian law, and According to the act “Personal data Protection 2013” We do not compromise any of our clients data


  • We do not fail with any jurisdictional law. As was mentioned in the previous clause, as an Indian website, we are subject to the laws of India only. However, it is also worth remembering that our website (hackerindelhi.com) is hosted on a server in India itself, where the law in effect is the same.

        In both cases, as with Indian law, there is no point where hackerindelhi.com is breaching any law.


  • We are legal Our services are legally constituted and there is no person under any point of view who can claim on them. Despite this, we cannot speak in the name of law. If you, for any reason, wish to start any action against us, you are free to do it. Our legal team is prepared to receive and treat any type of demand.


  • We are not responsible for acts of third parties. As it was stated in the clause No. 1, Hackerindelhi.com offer its services only for the purpose of recovering stolen or lost accounts or perform security audits.


  • Though, we try to prevent abuse of our services, we are definitely not responsible if third parties  come to abuse them.  If we find any attempt of exploitation of our service, we will deny and / or cancel it.


  • Privacy must be respected, Section 43A, which deals with implementation of reasonable security practices for sensitive personal data or information and provides for the compensation of the person affected by wrongful loss or wrongful gain.


  • Hacker in Delhi doesn’t keep records of any information related to our clients. After a service is finished, we can’t reveal anything about anyone even if you come to us with a court order. We respect the privacy and we always delete all information


  • Contact If you have any query, complaints, claims, abuse reporting, or you want to contact us for any other reason, you must do so via email to: [email protected]
  • We are not responsible for any misuse of knowledge provided to clients.
  • We do not provide any guaranty or warranty of any kind.
  • No refund of any kind under any condition will be admissible.
  • hackerindellhi does not misuse your information.
  • In case of Client being rude or abusive, hackerindelhi may terminate service without prior notice to client.
  • Anyone availing service(s) or training(s) from hackerindelhi, will have to abide by the Terms & Conditions mentioned here.
  • Any modifications to these Terms & Conditions can be made at any time whenever considered mandatory by hackerindelhi.